Munda (pronounced ‘Moonda’) is the largest town on the island of New Georgia, and is made up of several villages. The largest of which “Lambete” is the most populated with shops, a post office, accommodation, airport and seaport.
The Japanese built the airstrip to use as a base during World War II. The battles with the allied forces left remnants both on land and under the water for divers and history enthusiasts to see today. Take in some cultural history at Skull Island, where graves and shrines can be seen.
Agnes Gateway Hotel

Agnes Gateway Hotel

Located on the waterfront in the heart of the township, The Agnes Gateway Resort is the ideal place to start your adventure in the Munda region. With easy access to the lagoons and islands, come back from your dive, fish, or island hop and relax on the deck with a nice lobster and ice cold Solbrew beer.
Black Faced Pitta

Zipolo Habu Resort

Located on Lola Island in Vona Vona Lagoon in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, Zipolo Habu Resort is the lost paradise of our childhood dreams. Nestled within a perfect blue lagoon and fringed by white sands and tall green palms, Lola truly reflects a quintessential island paradise.
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Tetepare Eco Lodge

Tetepare Island  is one of the conservation jewels of the South Pacific. This long, rugged island, cloaked in rain forest and fringed with bio-diverse reefs, is the largest uninhabited tropical island in the Southern Hemisphere. Home to the one of the Solomon Islands’ leading conservation projects and a unique, locally-owned and managed eco lodge, Tetepare’s natural abundance attracts visitors from around the world.
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Titiru Eco Lodge

Nestled in a private Saqiri bay, Titiru Eco Lodge offers life enrichment experiences and total relaxation of mind and soul in a secluded and serene environment. You will be home at Titiru via a one-hour direct flight from Honiara to Munda where a pickup boat will take you to the bay
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