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Due to Covid-19 Coronavirus, unless you are a citizen of the Solomon Islands, a dignatory or essential health worker, you cannot go to the Solomon Islands right now. The Solomons are currently Covid free and want to keep it that way (info correct as of 23 November 2021). We are currently taking enquiries and bookings for 2022 and beyond and if the ban is extended, we can move your booking to a later date.

Solomon Island Holidays can make all your travel arrangements for you. From your domestic flights to transfers, accommodation, diving, cruises and even travel insurance. We deal with all the local operators so you will not necessarily pay more than doing it yourself online, or through your regular travel agent.

Yes, we require a deposit to hold the booking for you and the balance is due at least 4 weeks prior to your departure. We will then make all the required arrangements. We accept payment by the following methods:

Visa/Master Card (1% surcharge applies)
Bank transfer from within Australia (nil surcharge)
Bank transfer from overseas ($30 surcharge per transfer applies)

Yes, the Solomon Islands are a safe destination, but wherever you go, there will always be opportunists. Be discreet with your belongings and dress modestly and you won’t become a target. Away from the capital, Honiara, you will find some of the most serene locations on earth. Melanesian people are some of the most friendly, relaxed and laid back people on earth.

Yes, we are a wholesaler so you can use your preferred travel agent and we pay them commission so you should not have any additional charges.

Yes, most properties cater for children. Whilst there is no ‘Disney’ type properties in the Solomon Islands, kids can play like we used to before technology took over, enjoying the outdoors with the local children.

The short answer is yes. For a small outlay, you have almost unlimited cover in case of accidents or emergency situations that require medical attention. A medical Evacuation to Australia could set you back over AU$100,000. If you cannot afford health insurance, you really cannot afford to travel. Ask us for a quote or follow the links to the self-quote insurance options (discounts apply for self serve from our website).

You need a valid passport to travel to the Solomon Islands. Please refer to the page on our website for more information.

You require a current Measles vaccination at least 14 days prior to the intended arrival date into the Solomon Islands. You should also speak to your local Tropical Health GP about up to date medication and injections for diseases such as Malaria, typhoid or Cholera.

The borders are currently closed, but once they open to tourists again, you may need to show proof of having a double dose of a WHO recognised Covid vaccine, as well as a negative test result prior to your arrival into the Solomon Islands.

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