The Solomon Islands is becoming an increasingly popular destination for cruise ships with two more companies adding the region to their Melanesian sailings.

These well-established cruise liners have now added the Solomons to their itineraries that also include departures from Cairns, and take in the stunning scenery of Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, making cruising an affordable way to see this beautiful region. Cruising through the Solomon Islands is particularly relaxing, since island life is slow-paced and informal. Cruise holidays are not only packed with a multitude of on-board activities, they also set in motion the opportunity to explore and discover the Solomons culture and history of this last great frontier. Sailing through normally inaccessible lands and waters and only unpacking once, makes this style of holiday a fantastic way to see this part of the world, and in particular, Melanesia. We guarantee you will experience unlimited encounters with the overwhelming hospitality of the people who are fortunate enough to call this untouched paradise home.
P & O Cruises

P&O Cruises

As one of only two cruise liners to visit the dreamy, remote Solomon Islands, we’re all kinds of excited about this holiday! Gizo has some of the best diving, clearest water and best coral in the world and its World War II history makes both diving and hiking extremely rewarding experiences.
Whatever type of lover you are-history, nature, shopping – you’ll fall hard for Honiara. The main entry point to the Solomon Islands, there’s so much to see and do. Experience the traditional village setting lifestyle at Kakabona Cultural village including a traditional welcoming ceremony.
In 2018, P & O has Melanesian itineraries from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Travel back in time through the unspoilt and rarely sailed waters of Papua New Guinea to Alotau and Rabaul, then across the Coral Sea through to Gizo and Honiara. We will have a link here shortly.

Princess Cruises

Welcome to an undiscovered paradise of white-sand beaches, crystal waterfalls and volcanic mountains. And if you’ve come for history, you’ll find that, too. This region was the site of fierce fighting during World War II, with many reminders scattered around, both on land, and underwater. Today, it offers the vacationer plenty of time to relax and connect with nature. Beyond the towns you’ll find tropical rain forests full of birds of paradise and turquoise waters with pristine coral reefs teeming with an abundance of fish life.
Princess not only offers The Solomon Islands as a destination, but also Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Noumea and New Caledonia are included in many of their itineraries.
We will have a link here shortly.

Coral Expedition Cruises

Explore through the remote islands of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on this 11 night voyage aboard the Coral Discoverer. Snorkel or dive over sunken wreckage from World War 2 and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battles at these iconic sites. This voyage allows you to sample island cultures, magnificent volcanic islands, colourful coral reefs nd ideallyic white sandy beaches.
Coral Expedition Cruises will do two back-to-back cruises through the Solomon Islands in October 2019.
Save 10% if you travel on both of them.
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