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Bird watching is fast becoming more popular in the Solomon Islands. There are around 300 species of birds, of which there are 74 endemics to the Sols, plus another 27 it shares with Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.
We have designed small group tours of varying lengths and fitness levels. All of our tours employ local birding guides in each region whom are trained by our birding expert, Phil Gregory.
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Here are some of the tours that we offer:
Guadalcanal and Rennell
Tour 1: A Taste of Solomons 1 – Honiara, Guadalcanal and Rennel
Tour length: 6 days with optional extensions. Key species: Ultramarine Kingfisher, Rennel Shrikebill, Solomons Sea Eagle and White-billed Crow. The largest raised atoll in the world, Rennell is home to 43 species of breeding birds and boasts 6 endemics.
Black Faced Pitta
Tour 2: A Taste of Solomons 2 – Isabel Black-Faced Pitta Hunt
Tour length: 8 days with optional extensions. Key species: Black-faced Pitta, the Fearful Owl, Nicobar Pigeon, Pied Goshawk and the Solomon’s Frogmouth. This is one of our most popular Solomons bird destinations. The walk up to Tiritonga is steep and needs a reasonable level of fitness but the rewards are great.
Tour 3: A Taste of Solomons 3 – Kolombangara, Vella Lavella, Ranongga and Gizo
Tour length: 10 days with optional extensions. Key species: Kolumbangara Leaf Warbler, Roviana Rail, White-Eye, Solomons Sea Eagle and Heinroth’s Shearwater. Moderate fiteness level required for the lower trails around Hambere, Ringii and Imbu Ranu and higher fitness reuqired to reach the lip of the caldera.
Tour 4: A Taste of Solomons 4 – Makira
Tour length: 10 days with optional extensions. Key species: Shade Warbler, Makira Thrush, Makira Leaf Warbler, Whitehead Fruit Dove and more. Although the lowland trails around Kirakira are easily accessible to most people, a quite strenuous walk up to the Hauta Conservation area and the inland mountains will allow the more serious birders a chance at some of the little seen endemics.
Tour 5: A Taste of Solomons 5 – Gentle Solomons
Tour length: Up to 18 days with optional extensions. Key species: Pied Goshawk, Claret Breasted Fruit Dove, Rovian Rail, Woodford’s Rail, Rennell Fantail. This comprehensive tour visits most of the major hotspots in the Solomons and concentrates on the areas that are easily accessed.
Tour 6: Comprehensive Solomons
This exciting birdwatching tour visits all the major birding sites within the Solomons in its search for as many as possible of the islands endemics. It requires a good level of fitness as it is not an easy tour, with long steep hikes up into mountains, and nights camping under possibly difficult conditions, but the rewards are many rarely seen and little-known species.
Customised Tours
We offer a number of “Combination Tour” packages such as Birds and Diving, Birds and Surfing and Birds and Battlefields. We also offer more general tours suitable for families and those who prefer a more relaxed experience. Our Isaisao or Tetepare packages offer the chance for cultural activities, watching turtle hatchings, kayaking, snorkelling and beach and forest walks. Photographic tours can also be arranged.
We can develop customised itineraries for those with particular interests and requirements, and are happy to cater for those with just a passing interest in natural history through to the hardcore birder.
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