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The Solomon Islands make up the third largest archipelago, with the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world. Situated to the east of Papua New Guinea and to the north east of Australia, it covers over 28,400 square kilometres and due to its remoteness, is recognised internationally as one of the best dive locations in the world with twice as many marine species as the waters of the Red Sea and up to ten times as many as the Caribbean.
The country is surrounded by the Solomon Sea and Pacific Ocean whose constant movements feed and enrich the marine environment. The immense diversity of sites include barrier reefs, coral walls, coral gardens, patch reefs, fringing reefs, sea grass beds, coral atolls and wrecks.
Many dive operators offer dive instruction, scuba gear hire and a range of other services, and Nitrox is offered by some operators. Diving is possible all year round, with January to March being the wettest months with the water temperature varying by just a few degrees from 26 – 30˚C throughout the year. Visibility can be anywhere from 15 – 40 metres, depending on the location and time of year.
We offer superb live-aboard diving to the beautiful reefs and tropical islands of the Solomon Islands. With several itineraries to choose from, we’ve got colourful, lush coral gardens, sea fans, decorative walls and caverns, combined with the most amazing marine life you have ever seen.
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There are are many dive specific resorts in the Solomon Islands that have their own dive shop, complete with masters and instructors.
Whether you’re in the Solomon Islands on business or just feel like booking a casual dive, we can assist you.
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